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Watch the best presentations from the last four years of Alltech conferences

(Supply) Chain Reaction - Food Security and Traceabilit ...
Where's the Beef? Building a Sustainable Supply Chain
Today’s consumers demand that their food be healthy, sustainably produced and traceable.
What’s Really Disrupting Agribusiness? (Hint: It’s Not ...
Explore how profits in the agriculture supply chain are shifting and where new opportunities lie.
A Startup Story: Agrilyst
What kind of impact has Agrilyst had on the ag industry, and what does the future hold for Kopf and the company?
Entrepreneurial Innovation: A Startup State of Mind
Take a peek into the world of ag-tech startups and the growing business trend of intrapreneurship.
Microsoft AI: Breaking Through the Farm Gate
Learn more about the impact artificial intelligence will have on closing the innovation loop and new business models.
Digi-Fish: The Future of Aquaculture
Aquaculture is now the fastest-growing animal food production sector in the world. How can we keep up?
Don't Skimp on Shrimp
What are the opportunities of the rapidly growing shrimp market?
Salmosim: Building a Salmon Gut From Scratch
Learn more about the roles of pro-, pre- and synbiotics in fish nutrition.
Total Sustainability, Total Traceability: No fish in th ...
Hear real-life stories of eel, sturgeon for caviar, salmon and trout.
Small but Mighty: the Secret to Salmon's success in th ...
Do the Faroe Islands offer a model for the future?
Making Money in Value-Added Programs: How It's Done
With just a few key changes, learn how to make the extra profit and score a bigger return.
Get Tech Savvy on Your Dairy
See where sensors, robotics and other emerging technologies come into play. 
Robotics and Sensors on the Dairy Farm
Are we ready to embrace the inevitable change as today's farm goes robotic? How will you implement the next idea?
Cow Signals
A Voice for Agriculture
The Kerrygold Story: Disrupting a Commodity, Making It ...
How has its status as an industry disruptor enabled Kerrygold to become a leader in butter commodities?
Feed Mitigation: Is It the Next Frontier in Biosecurity ...
Dream or Reality: Improving Large Litter Birthweights
Join us as we discuss simple solutions for improving both birth and weaning weights.
Emerging Technologies: From the Feed to the Cloud
As farming undergoes a complete transformation, are we ready to change with it?
Pig Powerhouse: What’s Next?
Who are the new players in the market, and what opportunities do producers have to fulfill the growing demand?
Genetic Revolution and the Sleeping Giant
Innovations are the key to the continued success of the pork industry, but what do those innovations mean to producers?
Sustainability is the New Normal
Bob Langert demonstrates the positive impact sustainability has on production, efficiency and the environment.
Slow-Grown Disruption
In 2016, Whole Foods Market announced the switch from industry-standard chickens to slower-growing varieties.
Building a Finer Flock: Improving Hatchling Quality
Breeder flock improvement and better-quality hatchlings go hand in hand.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Woody Breast Syndrome
Learn how to feed your birds for better meat quality and profitability.
Eggciting Times Ahead: Innovations in Poultry Productio ...
You can't have active technology without passive technology. What does this mean in the poultry sector?
Keynote: Currency and Confidence in an Uncertain Market
David McWilliams knows how to make economics accessible with a bit of humor and historical context.
Asian Agri-Business: Changemakers: The Youth-Led Enviro ...
At just 12 years old, Melati founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags, with a mission to rid the world of plastic bags.
Zero Gravity Agriculture
GMOs, CRISPR and Nutrigenomics - Going Public with Plan ...
Microbes at Work: Nature's Organic Original Internet
The Pros and Cons of Bio-Control
The Memory Cure
Dr. Majid Fotuhi's session at the ONE18 Alltech Ideas Conference about educating the public on brain health...
Beef vs. Alternative Proteins
Mineral Myths: Mining the Truth About Organic Minerals
Why are we still using inorganic minerals? Science has spoken and the message is clear: Organic trace minerals mean...
Breaking the Mold: Better Meat, Better Profit
Biostimulants - The Quiet Agronomic Revoltionizer
Dr. Norman E. Borlaug had an idea for assisting farmers struggling with low-producing crops.
Fads, Trends and Values: What Drives Consumer Food Pref ...
Consumers today are demanding greater choice and greater transparency in the foods they buy and in the supply chains tha
Building Affection for Food
Eating is part of our daily rituals, but as schedules get hectic, can attention to detail and thoughtful food choices re
Antibiotic-Free Beef Production: Myth, Dream or Fact
The fear of “superbugs” has the demand for ABF products rising. Dr. Karl Dawson discusses the various...